How to Install WordPress the RIGHT WAY: Beginner’s Guide 2019

In this article, I will show you how to install WordPress on a website. For basic WordPress is a CMS, It is very easy and reliable to use.
So not wasting much time let’s get started –

1. Getting things Ready before installing WordPress.

1.1 Domain successfully added with cpanel
1.2 Nameserver updated and propagated successfully
If these terms are fulfilled, then we are ready to move on our next session

2. Download the WordPress Installation Package from the official website of WordPress

2.1 We need to download the WordPress installation package or WordPress files from the official WordPress website. Keep in mind always use the official website to download package

3. Upload WordPress files to Server

Now It’s time to upload the WordPress files to our server or we can say it’s time to upload WordPress files to our cpanel file manager
3.1 Goto Cpanel>File manager
3.2 Find domain name on which you want to install WordPress. (If you’re going to install on the main domain, please click here)
3.3 Open the domain folder > Click on Upload
3.4 Now select and upload the WordPress Package file which we downloaded before.
3.5 Wait for uploading bar color change blue into green
3.6 Now go back to domain folder and reload the page
3.7 Now Right click on WordPress zip file and extract the files
3.8 Reload and open the “Wordpress” folder
3.9 Now Select all files and click on “move” and move the files to the domain folder
3.10 Click on “Up One Level” | Now it’s time to make a database for our website

4. MySQL database for WordPress

Now it’s time to create MySQL Database and assigning a user with the database with full permission. Once you created the MySQL Database and User. Please remember or write down the Database name, Database username, and Password, we will need this for installation.
Let’s move step by step
4.1 Open Cpanel and find “MySQL Databases” under “Databases” section
4.2 Now create a database with your desired name. For, eg. “Warwal”
4.3 After clicking on “Create Database” it will show you like this and now click on “Go Back.”
4.4 Now scroll down and find “MySQL Users” and create a new user and set a strong password, Please write down all the stuff because we will need that while installing WordPress
4.5 Now click on “Create User” and It will show you like this, Now click on “Go Back”

5. Add Database User with Database with Full Permissions.

Now we have to add a user which we have created with our Database
5.1 Open Cpanel and find “MySQL Databases” and scroll down and find “Add User To Database”
5.2 Find the User and Database which you have created earlier from the dropdown and click on “Add”
5.3 Now it will ask for Privileges, Click on “ALL PRIVILEGES” and “Make Changes”
5.4 It will show you “Success” Notification

6. Installing WordPress on Website

Yey! Finally, the time is over, and we are on our final steps
Now Goto and you will see an installation Wizard. If you are unable to see that on your website make sure you have cleared the cache from your browser
6.1 Choose your Language from the Wizard. And Click on “Continue”
6.2 Now Click on “Let’s go.”
6.3 Now fill the fields with your Database Name, Database Username, and Password. And Click on “Submit”. (Do not change Database host and Table Prefix if you don’t know much about that.)
6.4 Now Click on “Run the Installation”
6.5 Fill the Site Title, Username, Password, and your Email and Click on “Install WordPress” (Do not use the same password for WordPress and MySQL)
6.6 Now Click on “Log in”
6.7 Fill the Username and Password which you set for WordPress and click on “Log in”
6.8 Hurray!! You have done that. Congratulation! You have learned “How to install WordPress on Website” Today

Thank you for spending time with us. Love Love

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